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Lowest Prices 

Our state of the art technology allows us to cut out the middle men.  No trucks, no warehouses, & no employees means we can pass the cost savings on to our Customers. No one on Oahu can deliver the same quality ice at the same low prices.  


The 1st Self-Service vending machine of its kind on Oahu.  Our state of the art Ice vending Machine instantly and automatically bags your ice within seconds of being purchased. It’s simple and easy to use and works just like any other vending machine which allows you to spend less time in long grocery store lines and more time “chillin”.  


Eliminating the warehouses, employees, pallets, trucks, and freezers from the current ice delivery model, means no one ever touches your ice but you.  

Instead of being handled, loaded, unloaded, stacked and re-stacked multiple times by multiple people throughout the delivery process from warehouse to consumer, our ice is never exposed to the multiple, and possibly contaminating, external elements.  

Environmentally Friendly

Fewer Trucks, Warehouses, Freezers, and Pallets also means we have a smaller carbon footprint. Partnering with a site that utilizes Solar PV Panels further reduces our environmental impact and allows us to provide the Highest Quality Products in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We at Paradise Ice are doing our part to keep Hawaii beautiful and a…Paradise.


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