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“This is an ice vending machine SUPER AWESOME!!!  So easy and available 24 hours, there is a guard right in front of the vending machine at all times so don’t have to worry.  It is in the parking lot of the Lighthouse Church.  Ice is cheap, $3 for 20lbs. Use close to exact $ if using cash, gives change in quarters and you pay 1 bag at time. Machine takes credit card. Thank you to the owner this is going to save us money and time.”

Candace T. – Yelp Review


“…This ice place is so awesome!  Even though it soaked my lap it was totally worth it, fast and convenient. c: “

Kori C. – Yelp Review


“This ice  is Awesome!  Makes the best shave ice!”

 Kylie – Student: Kanoelani Elementary